The pandemic has deeply impacted manufacturers globally, from demand declines and supply disruption to employee health and safety risks. But it has also thrown light on key areas of digitization, automation, employee welfare and commercial models that can be built upon to create more manufacturing systems in future.

You need to be increasingly agile to address disruptions such as inconsistent demand for vehicles and stringent emissions standards. Automobiles enterprise must be a safe place to work while your ecosystem must have a low carbon footprint. In addition, you need to build a responsive supply chain that adapts to the dynamics of procurement, distribution and logistics.

The Automotive practice organizations with next-generation automobile manufacturers to apply predictive model-driven insights across business cycles. Our digital ecosystem embeds sustainability into your enterprise: lean operations, product innovation and business agility. Digital re-tooling of the assembly line and supply chain mitigates risks by addressing shifts in the mobility landscape, empowers automotive enterprises to navigate the new normal and become more with the Live Enterprise framework

Cloud Migration

Oasys has rich experience in managing cloud-hosted inventory and supply chain solutions. Cloud applications facilitate automation of global manufacturing and logistics processes.

IT operations

Oasys helps manufacturers pivot to autonomous IT operations by using AIOps. It streamlines big data management while supporting predictive analytics.

Business practices

Oasys ensures reliability with standardization across processes and business functions – from R&D to dealer network management and after-sales support. Our robust business continuity plans and information security solutions enhance service levels.

Remote learning

Oasys integrates immersive technology with role-based content to create an engaging learning experience for upskilling employees.