About us

OASYS provides IT consulting & ERP (SAP) services to its customers. OASYS envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible business practices that enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. We also offer a wide-ranging portfolio of Software Solution & IT services with a focus on E-Business solution backed by its strong expertise in Internet technologies. We are professionals who are driven by the viewpoint of customer satisfaction through Quality and Innovation.

OASYS has started in mid 2012 with unique vision of achieving heights in Information Technology by caring and serving the people. Customer satisfaction is the key building block in the success of OASYS .

The company firmly believes that step gains in productivity can be raised by building as much knowledge of specific design and machining processes within our software as possible. The unique way in which our collection of software products can be integrated allows us to work very closely with our customers to determine the right solution to suit their individual needs. Oasys caters to the success of thousands of companies worldwide, from small to large and across every aspect of the manufacturing spectrum.

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