Agri Business

Agriculture enterprise needs to sustain food supply while ensuring that produce is nutritious and safe for consumption. You need to respond to shifts in diet such as veganism, dietary choices such as free range and organic produce, and culinary preferences such as food and beverage pairings. Most important, you need to ensure the sustainability of your agribusiness by adapting to erratic weather patterns, lack or surplus rainfall, and outbreaks of infestation and pestilence.

The Agriculture practice incorporates automation, data science, and artificial intelligence to modernize crop cultivation and harvesting, animal husbandry, and livestock management. We help agribusinesses achieve granular visibility from grain to granary by leveraging real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, and geospatial systems Our solutions maximize output while reducing the environmental and carbon footprint.

Oasys can help agri businesses to become more with the Live Enterprise framework :

Cloud Migration

Develops robust and secure cloud solutions to ensure maximum availability of data, applications, and infrastructure across processes from cultivation to commodity trading

IT operations

Deploys agro-ecological mapping tools for crop management; traceability solutions for storage, distribution and logistics; and advanced data analytics and security solutions for food safety and regulatory compliance.

Business practices

Helps agribusinesses adopt a digital ecosystem to track, trace, and monitor operations across the food supply chain. Our IoT solutions integrate processes and constituents for timely and informed business decisions.

Remote learning

E-learning and mobility solutions enable knowledge sharing of scientific farming techniques as well as troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of farming equipment and machinery.