Web Content Management

Web Content Management (WCM) is more or less another name for CMS, because we are an industry that loves acronyms.

Oasys take pride in developing the systems which starts much before delivering the Content Management Solutions.

As all business owners, we know there is a baseline expectation for high-quality customer service in today's marketplace.

Oasys as a company has the ability to provide excellent business-to-business customer support can only go as far as its ability to manage - and ultimately exceed - the expectations of its clients.

SOP followed by Oasys to manage Data Content is:

  •   Take security seriously.

  •   Gather information ethically.

  •   Decide what is actually required.

  •   Invest in customer database software.

  •   Back up of all data.

  •   Clean up unwanting customer data.

  •   Training the team.

  •   Brainstorming about access.

Oasys believes with CMS help client can implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy and weave content into your commerce strategy.

At the same time, developers won’t be involved in the process of publishing content and can easily make changes at the backend, without disrupting content publication.

In simple words WCM/CMS is a CMS is an application that is used to manage and publish web content, allowing multiple users to contribute, create, edit, publish without having to beg a developer.

It also provides version management and authoring workflow to keep large, global sites consistent.

If you further break down a content management system, there are two main parts that help create your website.

1. The content management application (CMA) allows marketers, merchandisers and other content creators to work with content directly, without needing to involve the IT department.

2. The content delivery application (CDA) acts as the back-end portion of the website, taking the content that you enter into the templates and turning it into a working website that visitors from around the world can access.

  • Case Study:
  •   Animal Husbandary- Corporate

  •   Civil Supplies-State Department

  •   Warehousing-State Department

  •   Smart Hospital Management- Corporate

  • & the list continues....