Learning & education

Your educational institution needs to adapt to the new normal of remote learning and working. As e-learning goes mainstream, the imperative is recreating the discipline and rigor of the classroom experience across digital channels for superior learning outcomes. Professors will not only introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to students, but also use AI models and knowledge graphs to make sense of learning patterns of students.

Dealing with schools , colleges and universities to develop a digital ecosystem that senses and responds to the needs of different students. Students benefit from personalized learning pathways and timely interventions. Teachers get support to create customized content and complete online assessments. Parents follow the performance of their children every semester and augment digital tuition for select subjects. Further, administrators leverage digital tools to streamline operations - from student admission to campus recruitment and from hiring faculty.

Capitalization on the rich experience of training hundreds of I.T and Management personnel, since 2012. training new recruits, employees and leaders at its in-classroom with online learning.

Cloud Migration

Elevates the learning experience with a strong online learning platform that supports personalized and immersive learning while incorporating advanced learning methodologies

IT operations

Ensures high availability of learning resources by leveraging cloud computing for infrastructure, data and applications across the education landscape. Our managed services for cloud infrastructure ensure always-on access for multimedia applications including video on demand, gaming, and live streaming media.

Business practices

Adopts a holistic information security and cybersecurity approach to safeguard digital assets. Our remote management solution monitors servers, networks, and endpoints to detect unauthorized intrusions and security breaches.

Remote learning

Supports educational institutions to better manage operations by streamlining workflows for enrollment, administration, finance and accounting, and payroll.