Tele- Communication

Communication service enterprise is the backbone of the digital economy. You need to provide always-on connectivity and infinite bandwidth so that consumers can work, learn, transact, and get entertained using mobile devices. Your network should support public services such as utilities, transportation networks, and healthcare with reliable connectivity.

Communication Services practice offers network solutions that meet the connectivity needs of digital consumers and enterprises. We enhance the performance of telecom networks via Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Our digital transformation of carriers and network operators focus on reliability of service, cybersecurity and sustainability. A robust network infrastructure seamlessly manages Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) workloads as well as real-time convergence of data, voice and video.

Cloud Migration

Our experts migrate discrete network elements to a cloud infrastructure, which addresses the growing demand for video communication while rationalizing the cost of operations.

IT operations

Oasys upgrades telecom networks using machine learning and artificial intelligence-based tools, without disrupting service. It empowers networks to support a range of wireless gadgets, bandwidth-intensive applications, and third-party services while minimizing buffering times.

Business practices

Oasys enhances business agility to simplify processes, facilitate collaboration, integrate emerging technology, and drive innovation.

Remote learning

Our digital learning tools train engineers and operations teams to design, install and manage telecommunication networks as well as troubleshoot and resolve issues.