Overview Of Technology


SAP/ERP is a European software developed by SAP AG, a German company. It is designed to assist its clients in responding to increasing competition and business demands. It is typically implemented in larger or medium-sized organizations to facilitate the integration of all processes and departments. The modules of SAP can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. Here at Oasys we provide, Implementation of Projects, Rollout Projects, Supporting Projects, and Upgradation Projects.

Project Implementation

If you're an enterprise looking to take your SAP/ERP to the next level, Oasys can help! We provide complete implementation projects from start to finish, including Project Preparation, Blueprinting, Realization, Final Preparation, Go Live and lastly Support.

Rollout Project

If you're already using SAP and want to expand your business or services, a Rollout Project is a great way to go. We also offer effective Rollout solutions for existing and new clients.

Support Project

Once you've gone through the whole process, the next step is Support. We provide complete support solutions to help clients fix any bugs or errors in their existing software. We use ticketing tools to track the tickets and issues, so you can stay on top of them.

SAP Upgrade Project

And if you're looking to upgrade your SAP, we have both Technical and Functional upgradation options.

ERP Software

The ERP Software provides for a single platform for the distribution, Sales and Management of the product and processes. The ERP software simplifies the processes and helps you make more informed decisions in carrying out your business in an effective manner. ERP Software efficiently manages the Sales & Distribution, Procurement, Inventory, Production and Quality Control.

Web Designing and Development

TOur web designers with extensive experience strive to create high-quality website designs that provides the best user experience possible. We conduct extensive research on our clients' needs and develop the best websites that feature extensive information about their business and activities. We stick to the fundamentals of design and don't allow creativity go wild, confusing the visitors.

Being a key vendor to the Odisha Government departments, we do follow and abide the Government norms and guidelines for website designing and security auditing purposes.

E-Commerce Website Designing

We also have proficiency in developing E-Commerce websites. We provide professional and customized E-commerce website design in affordable price which is applicable for all e-businesses, SME, MSME.

An Ecommerce website enables users to electronically exchange goods and services with no time or distance constraints. Electronic commerce has grown fast in recent years and is expected to continue at this rate. As more organizations shift parts of their operations onto the Internet, the lines between "conventional" and "electronic" trade will become increasingly blurred.

Visitors will be able to navigate effortlessly, browse the portal without difficulty, and shop things in a relaxed manner. The cost of designing an e-commerce website is low, which means that the cost of running your site will be lower.