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Inspiring Excellence Through Visionary Leadership

Leadership is the driving force behind our organization, igniting passion, growth, and success.

Guiding Teams Toward Success with Leadership

Our leadership exemplifies the essence of visionary guidance. We cultivate an environment of inspiration and accountability, empowering our teams to achieve remarkable success. Through strategic vision, strong communication, and a commitment to growth, our leaders pave the way for a thriving and cohesive organization.

The leaders onboard are determined to make Oasys a bigger brand in the IT sector in the near future, taking on more roles and duties to positively affect their teams, clients, and the community at large. Oasys believes that nurturing an environment for learning and profitable growth requires a full community, including internal and external stakeholders.

Pradeepta Mohanty


Founded in 2012 to demonstrate tech's transformative potential. Holds Bengaluru engineering degree, 13 years' IT experience in esteemed organizations. Expertise: VLSI, Enterprise Apps, ERP/SAP.

Manini Das


Hailing from Khorda, Odisha, India, Mrs. Das holds an MBA from IIPM, Bengaluru, and previously served as an HR professional at Steer Engineering, Mac Engineering, and other corporations.

Devi Prasad Pattanaik

Sr. VP (Sales & Program Management)

With a BE (Mechanical) and two decades in IT, excels as an executive coach, business transformation leader, and Lean-Agile advocate. Formerly at KPMG and

Sudip Dalal

Sr Vice President

MBA with 26 years' experience, excels in Sales, Business Development, and e-Governance projects, securing substantial orders from Tata Steel and government departments.

Prem Nishan Sahoo

Sr Vice President (Delivery & Projects)

He is a seasoned leader with an impressive 23 years of experience in the ever-evolving field of technology. He is a dynamic and accomplished strategist, renowned for his exceptional combination of technical expertise & business acumen.

Abhiram Pradhan

Asst Vice President

A B.Sc. Computer Science grad, with 16 years in IT. Expert in AutoCAD, Sales, Software, and Team Management. An energetic football player who represented Bhawanipur FC, West Bengal.